Last Man To Die is an active experiment in the relationship and interaction between three, traditionally distinct, art forms - Drawing, Performance, and Percussion. This experiment takes three artists, each successful in their own disciplines, and through active synthesis and disjunction attempts to generate a new and common expression.

In this experiment each discipline is equal but not equivalent, each has influence and is influenced and each is dependent and independent. We exploit the nature of digital technologies to provide a common language for immediate communication and interaction between the different art forms. Each one becomes a data source for the others.

In examining these modes of communication Last Man To Die is attempting to challenge and question the dichotomy between human 'reason' and 'spirit' in the practice of art.

Last Man to Die was founded in 2008, emerging from the cross-artform Collaboration "Cognition"as part of The Hunting Season. Various works have been featured at La Mama Theatre - MelbourneAustralian National University School of Music- Canberra, The Street Theatre - Canberra and This is Not Art festival - Newcastle.

In 2009 Last Man to Die were awarded the emerging artists residency with Canberra Youth Theatre at Gorman House where they collaborated with scriptwriter and video artist Peter Butz to reconceptualise one of their works "VITAL LMTD". In 2010 Last Man to Die successfully sought arts funding from the A.C.T. Government to develop their new work "The Last Man to Die" to be presented in Canberra and throughout Australia this year.