Reviews and News!

We've been reviewed in the Canberra Times by Glenn Burns (29th October 2009, Times 2, page 9).
"like many experiments it proves to be worth the effort"
"it is experimental rather than gimmicky, the ideas are challenging, humour is effectively though sparingly used and each of the performer's brings their own considerable individual talents to the production."
 "If you want to see three genuinely creative young Canberrans adventurously exploring ideas and modes of expression, then give Vital LMTD a go."
 Meanwhile, Charles' Networked Heartbeat Sensor, featured in Vital LMTD was featured on this morning.
"Looks like a great input option for those interested in experimenting with biofeedback."
Vital LMTD continues at the Street Theatre in Canberra until Friday 30th of October.