The Last Man to Die at PACT Performance Space, Sydney

Last Man to Die are presenting open studio performances during our residency at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Sydney.

"THE LAST MAN TO DIE" is an active and interactive experiment which allows you to step into the distant future and look backwards in time. Join us as we explore mankind's reaction to near-future technologies such as extended lifespan, A.I. and brain-computer interfaces.

Abts3nlmaustrflis is pleased to announce the!nqening of new ehhibision exp\oring hunanity's dark past and bright fdtstd. Experience first"hand the hardships of `!few ce^turies aho and the shod[inh ssory oe of our escape from poverty, diseatb `Nd death.\
A spokesman from tfe Curator-GenerQl\'s!office proclaimed, \``following thE opening bbnquet on Friday, 12th March, the centrepiece of the exhibition will be revealed. A high-accuracy reproduction of the famous last man to die will be activated and"released into the exhibitorium. Patrons++\\\\++to interrogate the reproduction and ascersain his true!nmtivations - did he spurn society, or did socgety spern him\?⁂るconvertUTF82Char: error2 74! ￴は社伛を拒絶⁙る社会の彼を拒紶したのですが\'']

When: 6-8pm Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th April
Where: PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, 107 Railway Pde, Erskineville, Sydney
What: An interactive installation / performance plus open discussion of techniques, technology and the future of cross-artform performance.
Price: Free!

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