THE LAST MAN TO DIE: World Tour of Australia - 09-10:2010

Welcome to the future, Perth and Brisbane, have fun living for ever.

LMTD Tours is pleased to announce our guided explorations into the future/past of humanity will continue throughout September and October 2010. Transtemporal entry points and suspension of disbelief fields will be activated at Perth's Blue Room Theatre from 28 September to 16 October and Brisbane Festival's Under the Radar programme.

"THE LAST MAN TO DIE" explores a future where humanity has triumphed over ageing and death and looks back at a time when people lived for barely a single century. You'll experience first hand the brave new world explored by those first immortals and the choices faced by the last to die.

TIME: 7:00pm, Tuesday - Saturday, 28:09:10 - 16:10:10
VENUE: The Blue Room Theatre, 53 James St Northbridge, Perth: map