National Science Week 2011


The installation version of our nationally touring production, in Canberra at the Street Theatre for 2 days only!

Monday 22 AUGUST @ 7PM + 8:30PM
Tuesday 23RD AUGUST @ 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, 7PM + 8:30PM

The Street Theatre, Childers Street, Canberra


Bookings helpful! (02)62471223

'Welcome to the future, have fun living forever.'

Step into the distant future and look backwards in time at THE LAST MAN TO DIE, an performance/installation from the future that YOU control. Join us as we explore the emotional and social consequences of artificial extension of human life.

Featuring computer augmented actress Hanna Cormick, Charles Martin's live electro-percussive soundtrack, the interactive visuals of Benjamin Forster and the writing of Peter Butz. This installation version of the nationally touring performance 'THE LAST MAN TO DIE' is supported by National Science Week 2011.